Event Security Program

Created to instruct staff on proper security procedures for events

With the advent of technology integration in many event security environments, the need for highly trained personnel is paramount. S2 University has developed programs to ensure security personnel have the knowledge they need to secure the event. In addition to general concepts, S2 can develop tailored programs for your specific event or stadium.

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Screening Procedures

Depending on the need of the event, any of the following courses may be included: proper screening procedures for walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, pat-downs, bag searches, and x-ray baggage inspection.

Security Communications

Communication is a key element of security. The course contains general information about best practices for safe and efficient security communications. Specific information tailored for each event is also included.

Audit Process

This course covers the methods that are taken to review the performance and knowledge of security staff.  Students are presented the methods so they understand that there is transparency in the evaluation process.